Welche Dichtungsgröße ist die Richtige?

Which seal size is the right one?

Now you are sitting or standing in front of your fireplace door and you see a stove seal that no longer looks “good”. You are sure that it needs to be replaced. But which seal is the right one? Here are some tips to help you better estimate the right size.

Step 1: First remove the old sealing cord from the groove and also scrape out the old adhesive residue.

Step 2: Now measure the groove (e.g. 6 × 10 mm).

Step 3: Close the fireplace door and measure or estimate the gap between the fireplace door and the stove body (e.g. 3 mm)

Step 4: Add the depth of the groove (e.g. 6mm) to the distance of the door (e.g. 3mm). Additionally add a few mm (e.g. 3 mm). Why? If you choose the sealing cord size without the additional mm, then the seal appears to fit, but it then does not fulfill its sealing function. You should therefore choose the seal a few mm larger so that the fireplace door presses the seal properly against the body and seals it. In the example case, a 12 mm round gasket would be a good choice.

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