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Are your firebricks or vermiculite panels in your fireplace or stove defective?

The firebox plates of the chimney are wearing parts, like the tires on a car. With new fireclay or fireclay replacement panels ( vermiculite ), you can quickly and easily replace defective panels.

What do I do if there are cracks in the firebricks?

Hairline cracks in the firebricks or vermiculite panels are not a problem. However, as soon as the cracks become larger, you should act as quickly as possible.

How are the vermiculite panels attached?

The vermiculite is usually just placed in the firebox. The construction is adapted so that all panels hold together.

How are firebricks attached to the combustion chamber?

Fireclay mortar is used to spread the joints. Depending on the area of ​​application or purpose, hydraulic and ceramic setting mortars are selected. Special fire mortars are used as repair mortars to repair damaged areas in the firebox. If firebricks are to be built, fireclay cement or refractory mortar is chosen depending on the exact intended use.

What else can break in the firebox?

Fireplace windows can also break in rare cases, for example due to external influences. You can order the fireproof fireplace disc made to measure. This means we can get you any straight fireplace pane for your fireplace insert or stove. This means you can enjoy your fireplace for a long time to come.

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