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Heat-resistant sealant WHITE cartridge

Heat-resistant sealant WHITE cartridge

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Fireproof plastic sealing compound, based on ceramic fibers and inorganic binders, for sealing joints/cracks primarily between ceramic and metal components, i.e. the connection between fireclay and steel components on the fireplace. This makes it possible to seal oven doors, the joints of heating gas pipes or plaster covers. Cracks and joints in Purely ceramic components (furnace linings) can be repaired with it.

Think of this sealant as a sealing cord between two components, which you apply from the cartridge. This will not achieve a proper adhesive effect between the two materials/components. Instead, use high-temperature silicone.

Material: pasty and ready to apply

Application limit temperature: 1050 °C

Solidifies as soon as it is exposed to air. The drying process can be accelerated by exposure to temperatures of 120°-150°C. The drying times depend on the applied layer thickness and are 2-35 hours. The ceramic setting takes place at approx. 1000 °C.

Contents: 310 ml

Color: white/gray

Maximum joint width: 5 mm

Apply: using a cartridge yourself or a spatula and trowel

The sealant is also available in grey/black .


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