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Cleaner for fireplace windows active gel with brush 200 ml

Cleaner for fireplace windows active gel with brush 200 ml

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The active gel is applied to the surface to be cleaned using the brush head. The stove glass cleaner removes soot and other combustion residues from surfaces such as fireplace windows. But it also effortlessly removes stubborn dirt on grill grates, grease trays or stainless steel surfaces.

Press the surfaces together and apply the special cleaner to the dirty surface using the brush head. Allow to take effect and wipe off again with paper towels. Finally, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

It is important for all glass window cleaners that the cleaner does not get into the seals of the glass. The more often this happens, the faster the sealing cord becomes hard and brittle again and no longer seals accurately. The oven draws incorrect air and the combustion behavior changes. Your oven is using too much fuel.

Easy to use: spray on, let it work for a short time, wipe off without leaving any residue – done! No scouring or scrubbing necessary.

The 200ml bottle does not contain any propellant gas. The closure flap is childproof.

Please only use the cleaner on cool surfaces!


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