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Teapot with tea strainer made of cast iron 0.7 liters

Teapot with tea strainer made of cast iron 0.7 liters

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Elegant teapot including cast iron tea strainer. Traditional cast iron ensures your tea stays warmer for longer. In comparison, a glass jug cools down much faster.

This fantastic teapot is enamelled on the inside. This is optimally hygienic.

Hardly any other drink is as popular worldwide as tea. On average, every German citizen drinks around 26 liters per year.

Tea lovers mainly enjoy high-quality tea products. The preparation must also be excellent.

teapots out of cast iron Not only are they incredibly useful, they are also durable and beautiful to look at.

The tea kettle bubbling on the stove creates an incomparable atmosphere.

When handled correctly, cast iron teapots are a lifelong companion. This makes them an indispensable utensil for all fans of traditional tea enjoyment.

Contents: 0.7l

Suitable for all types of stoves.


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