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Heat-resistant copper paste 100g tube -40°C to 1150°C

Heat-resistant copper paste 100g tube -40°C to 1150°C

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Your fireplace door is stuck. The oven handle is difficult...

The universally applicable copper paste (high-temperature paste) with metallic solid lubricants without silicone, graphite, lead or MoS2 provides a remedy.


  • Prevents seizing of screws and bolts, linkages, pivots and contact surfaces
  • universally applicable
  • resistant to salt water, fretting corrosion and other aggressive environments
  • high pressure resistance
  • excellent water resistance
  • prevents water entry
  • not electrically conductive

Application: Clean the surface or the area in question, apply with a brush or spatula

Temperature resistance: -40°C to +1150°C


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