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White flat gasket 10x2mm sealing cord

White flat gasket 10x2mm sealing cord

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Flat gasket 10 × 2 mm for your oven, fireplace or tiled stove. The seal is made of glass fiber, so it is robust and long-lasting. Due to its 10 mm width, it is ideal for e.g. B. to seal glass panes to the body of the fireplace, oven or pellet stove. This can cause the pane to expand, for example, when the oven heats up. This is crucial because metal and glass or other materials expand at different rates. Therefore, different materials are decoupled so that there are no stress cracks.

Dimensions: 10mm wide, 2mm thick

Color white

Ordering the length:

You choose the length based on the number of pieces selected

--> 2 pieces correspond to 2 meters, 5 pieces correspond to 5 meters, etc


Clean the surface in advance of any old sealing cord or adhesive residue. Cut the flat gasket to fit. The sealing cord adhesive can now be applied in advance. The sealing cord is then placed and pressed. Allow the glue to dry according to the drying time. If it is enough if the seal is pinched, then you do not need any glue in the corresponding place. After the drying time you can insert the oven disc. However, when used as a door seal, the oven door can be closed. Your fire pit is now safely ready for use again.


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