Kamin in neuem Glanz

Fireplace in new splendor

I think you will agree with me: After a few years of use, a lot has settled on the plaster surface of your fireplace or tiled stove. Dust and soot particles tend to settle on the rough surface. After a few years you can see it. What now? It's actually quite simple – paint! But there are a few things to consider. Use heat-resistant oven paint! It is open to diffusion and supports the room climate. So it doesn't close the surface, but lets the heat through. It also has a low odor even during heating and does not contain any plasticizers or solvents. So you don't breathe in any unpleasant smells.

You can choose between different colors, it doesn't always have to be white. Accents can also be set with two different colors – white and colored . For better selection, we offer our color chart as a rental product. Screens do not always accurately reflect the correct color, so you can use the color fan to make your selection more suitable for your interior.

If the surface is slightly powdery or crumbly, first remove these particles as best as possible. Then use the primer before applying the paint. This ensures that the oven paint adheres well and lasts.

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