Accessories for tiled stoves, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves as well as for cleaning the stove and stove pipes

Oven accessories and cleaning products for tiled stoves, fireplaces, stoves and pellet stoves - everything you need to keep your oven clean and functional. Simply order a suitable cleaning cover for your tiled stove from the fireplace shop, even from the GDR era. Choose between untreated and glazed cleaning lids as well as round or square cleaning sockets or cleaning capsules for cleaning your oven. You can use a suitable pipe brush to clean the ceramic flues in your tiled stove and the installed stove pipe . Depending on the diameter of the pipe, it is best to choose cleaning brushes made of wire and/or nylon. This effectively removes deposits and contamination and ensures that your oven runs smoothly. It is important to regularly clean the fireplace, stove and stove pipes and remove ash and combustion residues. Fireplace cutlery can be used for this. Firewood baskets are ideal for easy transport and refilling of logs. If you have a pellet stove, you can use pellet containers to make adding wood pellets easier and to avoid crumbling or spilling. Your safety is top priority. To avoid burns when inserting the logs, please use an oven mitt . Protect your furniture by placing an oven screen to block any potential heat build-up. Place a protective plate or oven protector on the floor to prevent damage from falling embers. Ensure an adequate supply of combustion air by installing a window contact switch or vacuum switch to ensure that the kitchen hood or fan does not draw exhaust fumes from the oven.

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