Collection: Calculation of the chimney for your district chimney sweep

Does your master chimney sweep require a chimney calculation for your fireplace? With a chimney calculation according to DIN EN 13384-1 you are on the safe side. If desired, the combustion air requirements of your fireplace can also be determined in accordance with the regulations. Your chimney sweep is happy.

A chimney calculation is a calculation made to ensure that a chimney is large enough to exhaust smoke and fumes produced by burning fuel.
The chimney calculation takes into account various factors such as the type of fuel used, the size and path of the chimney, and the height of the chimney in relation to the building.
Local legal regulations and standards must also be taken into account in the calculation.
A correct chimney calculation is important to ensure that the chimney is adequately sized and ensures safe and efficient combustion.
A chimney that is too small can lead to overheating and sooting, while a chimney that is too large is unnecessarily expensive and can cause heat loss.