Collection: Shaking grate, ash grate, round fire grate with shaking device made of cast iron

Are you looking for a round shaking grate ? Here in the fireplace shop you will find a large selection of vibrating grates . Many models range from 15 cm to 38 cm in diameter.

Vibrating grates have the special feature that the ash does not have to be transported into the ash pan with the door open. The shaking device , which is attached to the ash grate , is led to the outside of the oven. When the door is closed, the shaking grate can be moved and rotated. You can't get burned. With simple table grates you would have to use an ash scraper or poker or something similar.

Like all other grates in the fireplace shop, the vibrating grates are made of strong cast iron. Kiln casting has always been the best choice because its stability and long durability are ideal for withstanding high combustion temperatures. Nevertheless, they are subject to wear and tear. Please replace the vibrating grates as soon as you notice that the expansion or deformation has become too severe.