Collection: Grate, ash grate, fire grate, round table grate made of cast iron

Round ash grates and oval ash grates are also the focus of every combustion. The temperatures are among the highest at the ash grate. The embers are directly on top of it. The resulting ash trickles through the slots in the grates into the ash pans and is therefore separated from the combustion process itself and can no longer hinder it. Because: If the ash falls through the fire grate down into the ash pan , then the slots are free. Only the embers lie on the fireplace grate and sufficient air can reach underneath. The fire is kept constant. The burning is effective and efficient. It is therefore important that our fire grates are made from strong cast iron. They can withstand these temperatures. But there is still wear and tear. If the round or oval ash grate has expanded and become severely deformed, please replace it. Your oven will thank you with a long shelf life.

Our portfolio of round oven racks is large. But if your fireplace grate isn't there, please contact us. We will try our best for you. Manufacturer, oven type, year of manufacture, size, pictures… are helpful clues.