Collection: Shaking grate, ash grate, square fire grate with shaking device made of cast iron

With a square shaking grate from the fireplace shop, you have a suitable replacement part for your fireplace and stove. In such vibrating grates , the grating is provided with a vibrating device that is led to the outside. This gives you the opportunity to “shake” the ash from the grate . This is a great thing because they can't get burned. You don't have to scrape the ash from the ash grate with the ash scraper with the fireplace door open. Simply pull on the shaking device and the shaking grate moves back and forth and the ash falls into the ash pan below. Despite all this, the square vibrating grates are also subject to a lot of wear. Parts that come into direct contact with fire must withstand extreme temperatures and also temperature fluctuations. The shaking grates from Kaminladen are made from sturdy cast iron and are specially built for this purpose. If the rust is warped or deformed, it should be replaced. This is relatively easy, protects your stove and ensures that you can enjoy making a fire for a long time.