Collection: Fireclay bricks and fireclay panels as spare parts for the firebox or for building barbecue fireplaces

Fireclay is a man-made, fireproof material. The “inner workings” of a tiled stove are built from them in the form of stones and slabs. The combustion chambers of fireplaces or barbecue fireplaces themselves can also be lined with firebricks . The particular advantage of fireclay is its extra high resistance to temperature changes and its ability to store heat. In contrast to vermiculite, fireclay can store heat and release it with a delay after the fire has gone out. However, the main task is to protect the oven body. The metal oven housing should be protected by the fireclay plates or firebricks . The temperature fluctuations in the combustion chamber are logically very high. Fireclay can “absorb” these and tolerate them well. If the fireclay becomes brittle, the limit of its material properties has been reached and should be replaced. The precise cutting is done using an angle grinder.