Collection: Ash pan, ash drawer, ash catcher made of sheet steel

The ash pan from the fireplace shop is ideal as a spare part for your fireplace or stove. Due to the large selection, you will find the one that is right for you.

Ash pans catch the ash that trickles through the fire grates above. The ash is thus isolated from the fire and the fuel receives sufficient fresh primary air from below. Firewood or wood briquettes burn much better, resulting in even and efficient combustion. Choose the right ash pan from our wide range here. You can also find the matching ash grates here in the fireplace shop. They are made of cast iron.

Some ash drawers are coated upon delivery. This prevents corrosion during transport. This coating simply burns off during the first fires. Your advantage is that the ash catcher has a long shelf life. Please note that a deviation in size of a few millimeters is within the normal range.