Collection: Pellet stove – heating automatically and effectively

Once set and programmed, the pellet stove regulates itself depending on the desired room temperature. The heat is primarily supplied to the installation room using a warm air blower. Some pellet stoves can also be ducted so that at least one other room can be heated. Water-based pellet stoves are also available. The combustion chamber is surrounded by water. The heated water is used to support the heating; sometimes the boiler can even be replaced by a pellet stove . The pellet tank is usually enough for one to a few days, so that the pellet stove can automatically control the supply of pellets. It is only supplied with as much fuel as is actually needed. Combustion therefore takes place very efficiently because the supply and exhaust air are also controlled together. They are coordinated so that the wood pellets are burned neatly, cleanly and with little ash. Most of the ashes fall into an ash tray, which can be transported and emptied conveniently and easily.