Collection: Pipe elbow and stove pipe as a unit for the stove connection

Pipe bends and stove pipes are usually installed together and are used to safely transport combustion gases to the chimney.

Which pipe bends are there?

Pipe bends are available made of painted, enameled or fire-aluminized sheet steel to match the stove pipes. They are also available as bright steel or unpainted versions. Both components should be made of the same material. In addition, a distinction is made between fixed and adjustable stovepipe bends. Adjustable pipe bends have the great advantage that they can be individually rotated between 0 and 90 degrees. Especially in older houses, the walls are never really square. In this case, the pipe bend can be adjusted to fit precisely. If you have a fixed smoke pipe bend, some modification work will have to be carried out on the stove pipe. This requires a lot of time and work. It is better to use this time to enjoy the crackling fire. You can also choose the pipe bend, like the stove pipe, in the color that suits you . You can choose from: Black, grey, brown or white. They are available for pellet stoves from 80 mm in diameter. Up to 250 mm in the unpainted area is sufficient for connecting fireplaces and tiled stoves.

Can you shorten pipe bends?

Actually not. Although you can shorten the ends minimally, the specialist avoids this. The firm connection with the stove pipe is then no longer guaranteed.

How and how often should you clean the pipe elbow?

The exhaust paths to the chimney must be clear so that they can escape unhindered. If soot deposits and ash have settled, the cross-section of the stove pipe is reduced and the draft is reduced. The smoke gases have a harder time escaping and may come out in less dense places. There is a health risk! The combustion is also no longer efficient, they use too much fuel. Soot fires can also occur. Pipe bends have cleaning covers that can be opened for cleaning purposes. The seals underneath ensure tightness and must be changed if necessary. Here you will find a large selection. Please use special tube brushes for cleaning.