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Shaking grate round 20.0 cm with pin cast grate oven grate

Shaking grate round 20.0 cm with pin cast grate oven grate

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The universal round oven grate with shaking handle, cast iron grate is an excellent replacement part for your fireplace and oven. Cast iron has always been and is the material of choice for oven construction.

Owing to its compressive strength, kiln casting is extremely wear-resistant and durable. Ideal for use in the firebox and the necessary built-in parts such as fire grates.

  • Universal round shaking grate
  • Diameter: approx. 19.5 to 20 cm
  • In the middle with a pen
  • Pin diameter: 5 mm
  • Pin Height: 7-8mm
  • Distance from grate to floor to center of hole in vibrating device: 15 mm

e.g. B. for Scan stoves

Please note that the dimensions given in the original may differ by a few millimeters (mm). You can also remove the vibrating device using an angle grinder.


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Renate Pöhacker

Sehr gute Betreuung
Zahlung sollte mit Erlagschein nach Warenerhalt sein

Holger Niehaus
Scan 25

Rüttelrost und Dichtung für einen Scan 25 gekauft, hat alles gut gepasst, und wurde schnell geliefert.
Besten Dank für alles.