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Chimney calculation according to DIN EN 13384-1

Chimney calculation according to DIN EN 13384-1

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Chimney calculation

Does your master chimney sweep need a calculation of the chimney, the exhaust system for your fireplace, stove or boiler?
With certified software for calculating exhaust systems in accordance with
DIN EN 13384-1 for fireplaces, you and your responsible master chimney sweep will receive the necessary calculation immediately.

After purchasing and paying for the calculation, you will receive a form by email in which you can enter the data of your protective stone and fireplace. You can also contact us about this. We're happy to help with that.

It is also possible to calculate chimneys with multiple uses and to calculate the required combustion air (combustion air proof).

To do this, select from the selection box.

You will receive the results of the calculation quickly and easily online via email.

Please note that this “item” cannot be returned and that cancellation is not possible after you have received the invoice.

The result of the proof of functionality depends on your data and cannot be influenced by us.

The calculation is not suitable for gas fireplaces (e.g. condensing boilers) with certified exhaust systems prescribed by the manufacturer.


A chimney calculation is a calculation carried out to ensure that a chimney is large enough to exhaust smoke and fumes produced by the combustion of fuels.

The chimney calculation takes into account various factors such as the type of fuel used, the size and path of the chimney, and the height of the chimney in relation to the building.

Local legal regulations and standards must also be taken into account in the calculation.

A correct chimney calculation is important to ensure that the chimney is adequately sized and ensures safe and efficient combustion.

A chimney that is too small can lead to overheating and sooting, while a chimney that is too large is unnecessarily expensive and can cause heat loss.


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Sehr zufrieden, die Berechnung war sehr gut und schnell.