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Fireplace LaNordica Asia 6kW with soapstone

Fireplace LaNordica Asia 6kW with soapstone

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Fireplace with soapstone cladding. Timelessly beautiful and fits into any interior. A real gem for your home.

Soapstone on the wood stove is not just for aesthetic reasons

Soapstones are also storage stones. They store additional heat energy and release it into the room with a time delay, long after the fire has already gone out.

The Asia wood stove is made of cast iron with a combustion chamber and a stove door. Cast iron has always been the first choice in stove construction. Its printing ability makes it wear-resistant and durable for many years. Ideal for the firebox and its built-in parts. This is particularly important for oven doors. Even minor leaks cause combustion temperatures and exhaust gas temperatures to be far higher than normal. This leads to increased stress and increased wear. By using cast iron, the door remains stable and in shape. The seal attached there too. There are no exhaust fumes, they are safe and protected.

Not all firewood is the same

With its nominal heat output of 6kW, the Asia wood stove can heat a room volume of up to approx. 173m3. Depending on the amount of wood placed, you can achieve this maximum volume or even less. It is important for new fireplace owners that the wood should always be slightly “preheated”. Never put logs from outside directly into the fire in winter. This unnecessarily cools the fire and the combustion is no longer optimal. There is a small wooden compartment integrated into the bottom of the Asia. You can easily store some logs there. On the one hand, they are there to hand if the evening goes longer than planned and on the other hand, they are “preheated” to room temperature.

Efficient combustion saves fuel budget and the environment

The Asia wood stove is equipped with “double combustion”. This means that the last remaining wood gases are burned again by supplying separate air. You can see this on the combustion chamber plate at the back. Holes are drilled into this. As it burns you see small flames coming out of it. This is this secondary combustion. It ensures that the oven burns very cleanly and complies with all applicable standards in Germany. The environment is protected - a good thing.

Thanks to its 120 mm smoke pipe connection, the Asia is not only suitable for a standard new installation but also ideally suited as a replacement device, for example for an old oil stove. This means that the chimney opening does not have to be enlarged. The new wood stove can be connected quickly and easily. A big advantage, especially for older houses.

Technical details:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 930 x 438 x 470 mm
  • Weight: 159kg
  • Heat output: 6 kW
  • Maximum heating volume: 172 m3
  • Smoke pipe diameter: 120 mm
  • Diameter of supply air pipe: 120 mm (optional)
  • Connection option: above
  • Hourly consumption: approx. 1.7 kg/h
  • Efficiency: 81.3%
  • Firebox: cast iron
  • Glass ceramic: heat-resistant up to 750 °C


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