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Small storage tiled stove with warm air option and stylish round design

Small storage tiled stove with warm air option and stylish round design

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Warm air outlet
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A fully-fledged storage tiled stove in the smallest of spaces... a small tiled stove!

Enjoy the full benefits of a tiled stove and only use the space of a fireplace.

With only around 50 cm of floor space, a real compact space miracle:

  • Dimensions round: 163 x Ø 53 cm

Our small tiled stove ensures increased well-being, because heat radiation is perceived by the body as more beneficial than convection heat from fireplaces or traditional radiators. The strong fireclay and the oven tiles absorb the heat and release it again with a delay. Long after the fire has gone out, you can still enjoy the natural radiant heat.

People with allergies or asthma also appreciate this clean, radiant heat.

The swirling up of dust and the overheating of the room no longer occurs. You stay healthy and can enjoy the soothing warmth in peace. Because: The oven tiles gently emit heat radiation onto walls or objects. They do not heat the air itself. This effect of radiant heat ensures an even room temperature without overheating the room. The air remains clean, there is no swirling of dust and a pleasant, soothing indoor climate is provided.

  • Outside: high-quality heat storage ceramic
  • Inside: Oven Innovativ KSO ( )
  • Tested according to DIN EN 13229 DIBt RLU tested Z-43.12-286
  • Efficiency: 81.6%
  • Storage time: up to 8 hours
  • Amount of wood: min. 2 kg - max. 5 kg
  • Log length: max. 38 cm
  • Weight: 345kg

A plus + for your health thanks to a small tiled stove with long-wave heat radiation

  • The gentle infrared C radiation has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • The heat radiation promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tension.
  • You can relax, your body and mind switch to the “rest state”.
  • The result is a strengthening of your immune system.

Innovative warm air concept ensures more flexibility.

You also have the option of equipping the small tiled stove with a warm air system. This allows you to feel the heat as soon as you heat it up. The hot air outlet can be regulated using a warm air grille on top of the oven. At the beginning, leave the grille open so that a certain basic temperature is reached in the room. Then close the grille and all the heat is stored inside by the built-in firebricks and slowly released again via the high-quality ceramic used. If the warm air variants are not selected, the oven is a pure storage oven with 345 kg of storage mass.

The performance of the small tiled stove depends on the operating status:

  • Nominal heat output in full storage mode: avg. 2.2 kW/h over approx. 8 h
  • Nominal heat output full warm air mode: avg. 4.2 kW/h over approx. 3.5 h

The small tiled stove can be connected at the back or at the top. Here are the required characteristics:

  • Smoke pipe at the back or top: 13 cm
  • Connection height of chimney pipe in the middle: 149.5 cm

There is also the option of integrating an outside air connection. Please send a separate request for this project.

  • Combustion air connection: 10 cm

Whether red, white, beige or anthracite...the round small tiled stove...a highlight in your living room.

Your design wishes can be met in a variety of ways. There are over 50 glazes to choose from. For some glazes, a tile surface can also be selected - there are 6 options to choose from - Smooth, Groove, Napa, Cottone, Weathered and Terra. Please see the glaze overview for the variety of glazes. Please feel free to contact us. Send us an E-Mail .

You can find some high-quality glazes in the glaze selection box at the top right. If you are looking for a different glaze color or a special combination of glaze color and surface, please select “Specify individually”. Each individual tile can be selected and ordered individually. If desired, we will be happy to create a 3D plan for this. You can see your desired selection in advance and make your decision bindingly.

Just 1 day...then it's time!

The small tiled stove was developed in such a way that it can be set up within a short time. It takes two specialists about a day and the piece of jewelry is ready. After a short drying time you can heat up.

Professional installation of your storage heater

Of course, you can build and install the small tiled stove yourself.

Of course, as a registered master company in the construction of tiled stoves and air heating systems, we can also take over the assembly of this beautiful small tiled stove. Please send us an unbureaucratic email or call us .

Our short video “Full storage tiled stove assembled and heated” shows the construction of the small tiled stove in time lapse.

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