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Flue gas thermostat exhaust gas temperature monitor for fireplaces

Flue gas thermostat exhaust gas temperature monitor for fireplaces

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Flue gas thermostat or exhaust gas temperature monitor is used to lock ventilation systems that cause negative pressure in fireplaces, stoves or tiled stoves. The flue gas temperature from fireplaces (e.g. tiled stoves, ovens, hot water boilers) is monitored and switched off if necessary.

TÜV tested according to DIN 3440, test no. ATW 8622000

You should clarify the use of the flue gas thermostat with the chimney sweep beforehand.

Functional description:
The flue gas thermostat works independently according to the principle of rod expansion. If the immersion tube temperature exceeds the set target value, a microswitch is activated. After the immersion tube temperature has cooled down by approx. 10 to 30 K, the microswitch is returned to its initial position. This means that other consumers such as ventilation systems can be switched on or off.

Installation: Boilers and fireplace stoves (type 1) in the connecting piece. In the case of a tiled stove, for example in the area of ​​the heating box floor (note the ambient temperature).

Technical data:

  • Any installation position
  • Housing: die-cast aluminum (surface with impact-resistant textured paint)
  • Switching capacity: 10 A at 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Control range: +40°C to +120°C, factory set to +100°C
  • Switching difference: approx. 10-18 K
  • Temperature setting: internal scale
  • Mounting type: pipe thread ½"
  • IMPORTANT! Ambient temperature at the sensor max. + 700 °C, at the switching head max. + 80 °C


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