Lederholzkorb und Kaminbesteck

Firewood basket, log carrier, firewood storage: everything you need to know.

Why is good firewood storage important?

Whether you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, it is important to store your firewood supplies properly. Good firewood storage protects your wood from moisture, mold and insect infestation. Inside the house itself, it also helps keep it cleaner as the wood is stored in a firewood basket or log carrier instead of lying on the floor.

What is a firewood basket?

A firewood basket is a type of basket or box specifically designed for storing firewood. A firewood basket can be made from different materials such as leather, metal, wood or wicker and is available in different sizes and shapes. Some firewood baskets also have handles and wheels to make transporting wood easier. Storing a few logs in the house ensures that the wood has already reached room temperature. This helps when adding fuel so that the fire does not cool down quickly. The efficiency of combustion is maintained.

What is a wooden stretcher?

A log stretcher is similar to a firewood basket, but it is usually larger and often has longer handles to make transporting firewood easier. A wooden stretcher can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, metal, and wood.

What is the best way to store firewood?

The best way to store firewood depends on your needs and preferences. A firewood basket or log carrier are great options if you only want to store a few logs. However, if you have a lot of logs or want to store wood for long periods of time, metal or plastic firewood storage may be your best choice. These are often made for outdoor use and are therefore weatherproof. These protect the wood from moisture and mold.

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