Firebox – fireclay, fireclay substitute, vermiculite, fireclay mortar and fireplace discs

The firebox of a fireplace or stove consists of firebox panels . These mainly consist of fireclay or vermiculite (chamotte substitute) .

These firebox plates are wearing parts, like the tires in a car. With new fireclay or fireclay replacement panels ( vermiculite ), you can quickly and easily replace defective panels. Fine hairline cracks are not yet a problem. However, if these cracks become larger and holes appear, you must act and replace them.

Vermiculite panels are usually just clamped or inserted into the firebox , fireclay bricks are more likely to be walled in with fireclay mortar. Look inside your fireplace or stove and try to restore the firebox to the way the manufacturer intended.

Overview of categories:

Fireclay substitute

Fireclay tiles & stones

Fireclay mortar