Robust oven grates and fireplace grates made of high-quality cast iron in round and square designs

You can easily use our round and square stove grates and ash pans from as robust replacement parts for your existing fireplace and stove. You can also find the right fireplace grate or ash pan for individual fireplace construction.

These ash grates are made of cast iron. Owing to its compressive strength, kiln casting is extremely wear-resistant and durable. Ideal for use in the firebox and the necessary built-in parts such as fire grates.

What are the advantages of an oven rack?

A stove grate is used in the combustion chamber for efficient combustion. The ash trickles through the slots into the ash pan below. The ash is thus collected and isolated from the combustion process itself. This means that enough air reaches the logs and wood briquettes from below. The fire is not smothered by a high mountain of ash. You can also use an appropriate ash scraper for this purpose. With vibrating grates , this is done more easily using the lever that is moved to the outside. Simply shake it back and forth and the ashes will be transported into the ash tray .

How often do you have to replace an oven rack?

Due to the high temperatures during combustion in the firebox, the square and round oven grates are subject to a lot of wear. Over time, the fireplace grate will deform. Depending on how much heating is being done, this happens more quickly for one fire lover than for another. As soon as the deformation is clearly visible, the cast iron grate should be replaced.

How do I insert the oven rack correctly?

The narrow slot opening must face upwards. The conical opening must therefore become wider towards the bottom. There should be a gap of at least 0.5 cm around the side of the grate. The grate must be able to expand properly. If the rust cannot do this, a hump will form after a short time. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the ash cone does not protrude directly under the grate during firing. Sufficient air must be able to flow through.

What do I do if I can't find an oven rack of the right size?

A large fireplace grate could be put together from two smaller oven grate. You could create a cast iron grate measuring 36 × 28 cm from 16 × 28 cm and 20 × 28 cm.

However, if one side of the grate is too long, you can of course also use an angle grinder to bend off a grate strut. This is not an ideal solution. But I don't want to have to throw away my oven just because I can't find an oven rack anymore, right?

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