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Why do you need an oven seal?

Heat-resistant oven gaskets and sealants are used to seal your oven door or chimney door. Fireproof sealing cords are glued into the chimney door using sealing adhesive, unless they are self-adhesive on one side.

Why are oven seals important?

Fireplaces and fireplace inserts should be sealed so that dangerous exhaust gases do not enter the living space. Your health must be protected! Furnace seals also protect against unnecessary wear and excessive fuel consumption. Minimal leaks lead to increased exhaust gas temperatures. The efficiency of combustion decreases. Your oven is using too much fuel. The stove pipe should also be inspected regularly. This smoke pipe could be leaking and drawing incorrect air into the combustion chamber. You can also find the right seals for these stove pipe cleaning openings here. When cleaning the smoke pipes regularly, always keep an eye on the stove seals in the smoke pipe.

How do you recognize a defective oven seal and, more precisely, when does it need to be changed?

Seals must be elastic and fit tightly. If the oven seal becomes brittle, it must be replaced. Some oven seals can be cut to size individually and can be used in a variety of ways. These sealing mats can be used, for example, for the cleaning openings on the stove pipe. Or they can also be used as insulation in fireplaces or ovens. Stove owners often notice spots of discoloration on the fireplace pane or need to heat more than before. Then the causes must be investigated.

What types of oven seals are there?

You can find seals on the fireplace door itself, on the stove glass or on the ash pan. But seals are also installed in the smoke pipe. Take a close look at the original oven gaskets. Then order a comparable seal from the range here. Keep in mind that it has become somewhat flattened over time. Also look at the fastening. The most commonly used sealant is sealant or heat-resistant silicone.

When I looked through the oven I noticed damage to the surface. What can I do?

The best way to remove scratches on the stove paint from the fireplace is with our heat-resistant stove paint. This is available in seven oven colors.

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