Collection: Stove pipe + adjustable elbow to connect your stove

Do you want to connect a new oven? What diameter do you need?

Fireplace: 120 mm 130 mm 150 mm 160 mm 180 mm and other sizes (selection in the filter on the left)

Pellet stove: 80 mm or 100 mm (all connecting parts that are available in this diameter will be displayed)

Stove pipes, stove pipe bends, adapters, wall linings, transitions, rosettes or clamps...

... connect your oven exactly as you wish!

Additionally select your desired surface:

Highly heat-resistant paint (black metallic or cast gray), enamel (black or cast gray) or the bright steel version (select using the filter on the left)

Or is your oven connection not at the right height?

Then use an adjustable flat knee or box knee here from the fireplace shop. Differences in height of up to 40 cm can be compensated for without having to drill a new chimney hole for the stove pipe .

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