Collection: Reductions & extensions for stove pipe/exhaust pipe

The stove and chimney do not always have the same size connection. With a reduction or extension you “make” your stove pipe suitable. To compensate for these different connection sizes , an appropriate reduction or expansion is used. The certified stove pipes ensure a secure connection of your stove or fireplace to your chimney. Reductions or extensions often save major renovation work. It's easy, quick and safe. Such transitions should be installed either on the stove or on the chimney itself.

Overview reduction & expansion

When deciding whether to reduce or expand, consider the flow direction of the exhaust gas. A stovepipe extension is required if the stove has a smaller connection than the chimney. For example: The oven has a ø 150 connection, the chimney has a ø 160 connection, so you need an extension from 150 mm to 160 mm.

Designation: The 1st value (e.g. 150) is always the inside diameter , the 2nd value (e.g. 160) is the outside diameter .

Both a reduction and an expansion change the flow conditions of the chimney, so your responsible chimney sweep should approve the conversion.

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