Collection: Oven cleaner & lighter as well as spark plugs for the pellet stove

Burning wood, pellets, oil or gas creates combustion residues. Soot and these residues settle in the combustion chamber and on the fireplace windows. Liquid or gel chimney window cleaner is the easiest and cleanest solution. You can easily spray the liquid oven cleaner onto the oven glass. The active gel, on the other hand, is generously applied to the fireplace glass using the brush head. After a short exposure time, simply wipe off with a kitchen towel or paper towel. If there is stubborn dirt, this may need to be repeated.

Now you can conjure up a crackling fire again with our clean and fast-burning wood wool lighters . The elongated tiled stove lighters are also ideal for any kind of lighting. If lit on one side, they burn backwards. A chimney lighter is enough and the fire is lit.

Pellet stoves are not lit manually, but fully automatically. The spark plugs produce their maximum performance at least once a day and ignite the wood pellets. These glow plugs are considered wearing parts and must therefore be replaced from time to time.

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