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Burner ring 240 / 160 mm for oil heating insert 10 kW cast iron

Burner ring 240 / 160 mm for oil heating insert 10 kW cast iron

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Burner rings in oil stoves and oil heaters ensure clean combustion. Furthermore, there is better efficiency and a higher efficiency during combustion. Your oil stove will thank you with economical fuel consumption and this will protect your oil budget. There is also less coal produced. Without ring(s), your oil furnace will become sooted much more quickly.

Original spare parts are no longer available for many older oil furnaces. When replacing burner rings, it is important that the outer diameter fits the burner pot of your oil heater.

The structure of the rings, whether there are holes or not, has little influence on combustion.

Important is! Burner rings must be present in the oil furnace!


Inner diameter: approx. 160 mm, outer diameter: approx. 240 mm


Suitable for: Schrag/Braun oil heating insert 10 kW

Please check the dimensions of your old burner ring. It may be that your burner ring has become distorted or stretched due to the heat. This can sometimes amount to a few millimeters.

Please note that the dimensions given in the original may differ by a few millimeters (mm).


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