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Sealing mat can be individually cut to size 40 x 50 cm

Sealing mat can be individually cut to size 40 x 50 cm

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An individually cut sealing mat that, due to its elasticity, is suitable as a seal for: flue gas flaps, burner doors...


  • High temperature resistance up to max. 1200 °C
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Very elastic
  • Easy to cut with scissors or knife
  • Can be glued to metal or masonry using ceramic fiber adhesive

Typical possible uses

  • Sealing of the flue gas openings/flue gas flaps
  • Sealing on burner doors
  • Sealing on the burner flange
  • Seals and expansion joints on tiled stoves
  • Back insulation for fireproof linings
  • High-temperature seals everywhere in furnace and heating construction as well as in other apparatus construction


  • 40×50cm
  • The sealing mat is 7 mm thick and soft, flexible


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