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Sealing mat with vermiculite back wall 163 x 175 mm

Sealing mat with vermiculite back wall 163 x 175 mm

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An individually cut sealing mat with a vermiculite back (formerly a thin sheet back). Well suited as a seal for smoke pipe cleaning openings, chimney doors or fire plates.

The coating gives the fiberglass felt a solid, abrasion-resistant surface. It makes the sealing mat largely resistant to condensates and smoke gases. A suitable installation location is therefore smoke pipe openings. The coated side must be installed on the flue gas side.

Simply cut to the desired size with scissors or a knife. This seal is flexible and adapts to any contour. It has a long shelf life and remains effectively sealed even after repeated opening.

Material: Glass needle felt with one- or two-sided vermiculite coating

Seal size: approx. 16.3 × 17.5 cm

Seal height: 0.6 cm

Application temperature glass side: 550 °C

Application temperature coated side: 700 °C


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