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Sealing cord oven seal round 10mm

Sealing cord oven seal round 10mm

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With this black fireproof sealing cord (glass cord based on E-glass fiber) you can quickly and safely seal glass ceramic panes or doors of fireplace or tiled stove inserts

Application temperature: up to 550 °C

Diameter of this fireproof sealing cord: 10 mm

Please select the desired length in the selection box.

Please ensure that the fireproof sealing cord is always elastic. Over time, the fireproof, heat-resistant sealing cord may harden. The chimney disc then sits firmly on the stove body and can no longer expand due to the temperature differences. In the worst case, the window will burst. The heat-resistant sealing cord must be replaced here.

The reasons for such hardening can be different. Overheating with higher filling quantities than specified in the respective operating instructions, as well as the use of unsuitable and aggressive cleaning agents can lead to a significant shortening of the service life. Protect the sealing cords from moisture or cleaning agents when cleaning. Do not brush or otherwise clean mechanically. Do not allow the bed of ash or embers to rise so high that the sealing cords are exposed to the direct flame.

Our suitable sealing cord adhesive or the fireproof high-temperature silicone are particularly suitable for gluing the fireproof sealing cord to the oven body. Please clean the surface in advance of old sealing cord residues and sealing cord adhesive. Cut the oven seal to size and then press it into the corresponding adhesive groove. Allow the oven seal to dry for a few hours and you can heat safely and carefree again.


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