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Sealing cord oven seal round 12mm with brass wire 1.5m

Sealing cord oven seal round 12mm with brass wire 1.5m

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This white fireproof sealing cord (glass cord based on E-fiberglass) is wrapped with brass wire. The brass wire provides more stability and better grip.

The areas of application range from the door on the fireplace or tiled stove insert to sealing the lids on coal stoves.

Application temperature up to 550°C

Fireproof sealing cord diameter: 12 mm

Length: 1.5m

Make sure that the fireproof sealing cord is and remains elastic. Over time, the fire-resistant oven seal may harden. The fireplace door no longer closes flush and your stove draws in the wrong air. This is accompanied by higher combustion temperatures and wear on the interior lining occurs much more quickly. In the worst case, the body itself can warp. Therefore, replace the oven sealing cord in good time.

Our suitable sealing cord adhesive is particularly suitable for gluing the fireproof sealing cord to the oven body. Clean the surface of old sealing cord residue and glue in advance. Cut the oven seal to size and then press it into the corresponding glued groove. Let it dry for a few hours and you can heat safely and carefree again.

Please note: The sealing cords with brass wire are somewhat more stable and can therefore be compressed more weakly than a comparable seal without brass wire.


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