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Swivel box knee DN 120 mm extension 0-60mm adjustable

Swivel box knee DN 120 mm extension 0-60mm adjustable

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The height of the stove pipe socket on the stove and the wall connection (wall lining) doesn't fit?

Use the 120mm diameter swivel box knee . The adjustable range is 0 to 6 cm (center hole to center hole).

This high-quality rotatable stove pipe connection part only has a depth of only approx. 6 cm, which means: If the connections of your rotary box knee are completely plugged into the stove and in the chimney, the depth is only approx. 6 cm.

If both sides of the rotating box knee are not completely inserted into the respective openings, you can vary the distance to the chimney accordingly.

This rotating box knee (oven replacement part) is made of sheet steel. It offers a clean and tight connection . You can easily adjust the height difference. Simply adjust using the tension ring. Now the rotating knee bridges height differences between the stove pipe and the wall connection.

Due to its small size, the rotating box knee is inconspicuous and is hardly noticeable behind the oven.


Diameter of the pipe socket suitable for 12 cm / 120 mm

Depth / thickness (without pipe socket, i.e. the middle area) only approx. 6 cm / 60 mm

A notice:

The rotating box knee can sometimes be painted black for protection. This is not an oven paint, it alone protects the material from rust. Chipping off of this protective varnish can occur. It burns during the first fires.


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Markus P
Nicht sehr gut und auch nicht schön verarbeitet

Der besagte Artikel ist von keiner guten Qualität es kam verrostet bei mir an die geschweißten Punkte sind nicht wirklich verbunden also für den Preis viel zu schlecht