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Pressure storage pump type 180 single-line extraction without return

Pressure storage pump type 180 single-line extraction without return

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The Type 180 pressure storage pump, the heart of the entire oil system, is used to deliver heating oil to one or more consumer points such as oil furnaces. Suitable for battery tank systems or individual tanks without a backflow reducer in the suction line.

The unit consists of a housing with a pressure accumulator, motor, pump and a pressure switch. During delivery, the pump sucks in the heating oil and presses it into the pressure accumulator. The pressure cushion inside pushes the heating oil to the oil furnaces. The pressure switch switches the motor on at a lower working pressure of 1.6 bar and switches it off again when the upper working pressure of 2.6 bar is reached.

Motor: 230V, 88W, 50Hz

tested according to DIN EN 12514-1

Delivery rate: approx. 22 l/h

Withdrawal quantity: max. 10 l/h

Delivery pressure: approx. 4 bar (limited by pressure relief valve)

Delivery height: up to 25 m (15 m is factory set)

Suction height: approx. 3 m

Pipe connection: cutting ring screw connection 8 × 1 mm

Dimensions (W x H x D): 245 × 220 × 150 mm

Weight: approx. 6kg


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