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Inspection / maintenance pressure storage pump DSP 180/330 oil pump

Inspection / maintenance pressure storage pump DSP 180/330 oil pump

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Maintenance or inspection of your Oilpress Keller DSP 180 or DSP 330 pressure storage pump.

Would you like an inspection of your oil pump?

Do you want to make sure that the pump doesn't fail on the coldest day of the year?

No problem! Send them to us and we will check this oil pump for you.

We are carrying out this work as part of this review:

  • Dismantling the oil pump into the required components for maintenance
  • Checking and cleaning the corresponding parts
  • Cleaning the filter tube
  • Check for leaks
  • Check the pressure accumulator pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Calibration of switch points
  • Detailed functional test at our test station

After a successful test run, the pump will be neatly packaged and sent to you. This is included in the price. Shipping from you to us is your responsibility.

By purchasing the “Article Review” you are instructing us to carry out the maintenance of your oil pump after you have sent it to us. If we discover that an integrated component has a defect, we will contact you. Otherwise, maintenance of the pressure storage pump will be carried out and you will ultimately receive the checked oil pump back.

Please note: When the pressure accumulator pump is dismantled, air gets into the components and lines. This cannot be prevented and does not represent a defect in our service. You must remove this air from the oil line after installing the oil pump on site. This is easy, for example, using the oil regulator in the oil furnace. The so-called “regulator trap”, the safety lever on the oil regulator, is lifted for 2 seconds and then dropped again. A repetition of the process is also conceivable.

IMPORTANT! Pumps with a mercury rocker switch will no longer be repaired. As a rule, pumps built up to 1998 still have this installed. Please unscrew the housing and check whether it is installed. Mercury is poisonous and the risk of the glass tube breaking is very high due to the shipping route.


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