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Elegant wooden basket "GIANNO" made of Italian leather

Elegant wooden basket "GIANNO" made of Italian leather

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Leather color

Genuine Italian leather crafted into an exquisite wood basket - an eye-catcher next to your stove for the perfect storage of your dry logs.

The visually striking leather seams make the leather basket very stable and resilient. The bottom is closed so that wood residues and crumbs cannot trickle through. In addition, the wood basket rests on wheels so that you can easily move it around the room. The two handles also create independence on stairs. A real lightweight at just 4.3 kg.

Feel for yourself the leather sewn in two layers and the strong leather cord, which visually underlines the extraordinary design. And the smell of natural leather - priceless.

Ultimately, you can wait a few days for such beautiful things. Anticipation is the most beautiful joy - always.

Stylish wooden container, perfect for storing newspapers or toys.

Dimensions (W x H): approx. 47 x 52 cm

Color selection: brown, white, red, gray, anthracite, dark brown, black (leather)



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