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Soot removal powder for fireplaces, stoves, 900 g can

Soot removal powder for fireplaces, stoves, 900 g can

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The soot removal powder dissolves soot in stoves and fireplaces by drying out tar deposits in the exhaust pipe or chimney so that these deposits are no longer flammable. The soot removal powder is suitable for stoves that burn coal, heating oil or wood. The 900 g can is sufficient for approx. 30 applications, with each application lasting approx. 2 weeks. The white film created remains on the soot or tar for these 2 weeks and this means it can no longer ignite.

Contents: 900 g, enough for approx. 30 applications every 2 weeks


  • Pour the specified amount of soot removal powder onto a fire that is going out but still has plenty of embers
  • Soot removal powder dissolves and forms a white film that settles on soot and tar deposits in the exhaust path or chimney
  • This white film acts like a catalyst and ensures that soot and tar cannot ignite
  • Most of the deposits fall into the combustion chamber, brush out the rest using raw cleaners


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