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Exquisite firewood basket "VIOLA" made of Italian leather

Exquisite firewood basket "VIOLA" made of Italian leather

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A firewood basket made from genuine Italian leather for your firewood. Italian craftsmanship in perfection, the wooden stretcher made of genuine leather made in Veneto. Beautiful to look at, also thanks to the visually striking leather seams. The seam connections make the leather basket very stable and resilient. The floor is tight so that wood residues and crumbs cannot trickle through. Your wood basket rests on wheels. You can easily move it around the room on four wheels. It can also be carried thanks to the two handles. Also ideal for women. For you, large woven baskets are simply impractical and difficult to handle.

After our inspection, the above-average quality of the hand-made product was confirmed. Our expectations regarding the quality of the fireplace set were high - and - were exceeded.

The value of this exclusive fireplace accessory can not only be seen or felt but also smelled. Leather sewn in two layers provides stability. Strong leather cord underlines the extraordinary look. And the smell of natural leather - priceless.

Ultimately, you can wait a few days for such beautiful things. Anticipation is the most beautiful joy - always.

This handcrafted, exquisite wooden basket made of Italian leather is ideal for transporting logs. At the same time, the wood container is a piece of jewelry next to your fireplace or stove.

Stylish wooden container, perfect for storing newspapers or toys.

Dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 55 x 40 x 36 cm

Choice of leather colors: brown, white, red, gray, anthracite, dark brown, black

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