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Fireproof ceramic fiber adhesive sealing adhesive cartridge 80ml

Fireproof ceramic fiber adhesive sealing adhesive cartridge 80ml

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Make excellent use of the fireproof ceramic fiber adhesive sealing adhesive for bonding the ceramic fiber sealing mats. Glue new seals for the cleaning flaps on stove pipes quickly.

Easy to use: Remove old sealant residue from the surface and clean it. Cut the seals. Now apply the ingenious ceramic fiber adhesive and press the seal firmly. Let the whole thing dry thoroughly for a few hours.

The oven now does not draw any “wrong” air and thanks you for this with a long service life.

Changing the seals is a small matter compared to a warped frame or even escaping exhaust gases. Regularly check the elasticity of the seals on the stove and fireplaces. Replace these if necessary.

The useful fireproof ceramic fiber adhesive is ideal for bonding many fireproof materials and for filling hairline cracks.

This sticks to most dry & grease-free materials, such as metal, masonry, firebrick, vermiculite, insulating materials...

Exceptionally temperature resistant up to 1400 °C

Contents of the ceramic fiber adhesive cartridge: 80 ml

Use the included spindle cartridge for easy application. The description is included.


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