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Fireproof boiler putty 1300° for boilers, ovens, stoves 310g cartridge

Fireproof boiler putty 1300° for boilers, ovens, stoves 310g cartridge

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Fireproof sealing putty, mixed with water glass, for assembling and sealing sectional boilers, ovens, stoves, apparatus, retorts, fire doors... particularly suitable for repairing cracks.

Application temperature : up to approx. 1300 °C (more water glass used than in the normal kettle kit )

Properties : pasty, does not run, easy to process, does not crumble, does not shrink, adheres well to metal and other materials

Application : Apply putty generously to the sealing surfaces, overlapping if necessary, and put them together immediately, as the putty dries quickly in the air. It is best to carefully spread the putty into joints using a narrow, smooth spatula. The surfaces must be dust-free, dry and free of release agents. Possible rust spots, sand and clean if necessary.

Special feature: This super boiler kit can also be used for leaks on kettles.

Contents : a cartridge with 310 g.

Processing temperature : +5 °C to 40 °C

Hardening time : 48 hours recommended, then slow heating without direct flame contact

Such putty is always good when working on the house and yard, because it allows you to “putty” metal to metal.


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