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Firebox coating 750 ml black

Firebox coating 750 ml black

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With the colored firebox coating you can design an individual firebox quickly and easily. A color for your ceramic firebox lining made from fireclay or vermiculite. At the same time, you achieve a hardening of the surface, which increases the service life of the lining.

The firebox color for vermiculite, Thermax or fireclay is available in black. Depending on the surface, the color can change to dark gray after painting.

Consumption: 1 bottle with 750 ml is enough for approx. 3.0 to 3.5 square meters of area

Temperature resistance: up to approx. 1100 °C

Can be used on: Vermiculite or fireclay (not suitable for refractory concrete)

Application: Shake the bottle before use so that the entire contents are well mixed. The surface must be clean and firm and must not have any soot deposits! The coating is done using a short-fiber glaze roller and/or a brush. Please wear gloves and safety glasses when processing, as the dispersion irritates eyes and skin. The drying time is several hours at room temperature.

After your order, the color will be filled directly for you in the factory.


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