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Braided wooden basket "OMERO" made of genuine leather

Braided wooden basket "OMERO" made of genuine leather

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A uniquely woven wooden basket made of genuine leather, which is unique on the market in the area of ​​wooden baskets and wooden stretchers.

An eye-catcher - Italian craftsmanship in perfection - unmistakable thanks to its bulbous shape, the precisely cut leather strips and perfectly fitting leather seams, and the comfortable carrying handle. Beautiful to look at! The visually striking leather seams make the leather basket very stable and resilient. The base is rigid and rests on rubberized wheels. You can drive it comfortably and quietly across the room.

The value of this exclusive fireplace accessory can not only be seen or felt, but also smelled. The scent of natural leather – priceless.

Ultimately, you can wait a few days for such beautiful things. Anticipation is the most beautiful joy – always.

Of course, the stylish wooden container can not only be used to store logs, it also serves as a great storage place for newspapers or toys.

Dimensions (W × H): approx. 45 × 70 cm

Weight: 5kg

Leather colors: brown, white, red, dove, anthracite, dark brown, black



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