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Glow coil 160 mm for oil furnace 5-11 kW

Glow coil 160 mm for oil furnace 5-11 kW

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The glow coil is made of heat-resistant material and is suitable for oil stoves and oil heating inserts, even with an extendable burner.

The glow converter is hung in the burner pot of the oil stove and does not stand on the bottom of the pot. This means that no harmful heat can be transferred and the bottom of the burner pot does not burn out or warp. There is no contact corrosion of the glow coil on the bottom of the pot.

You achieve a significant reduction in soot formation and the smell of oil because the secondary air is preheated and swirled. The efficiency improves, meaning you save on heating oil. Your fuel budget is saved.

Even with a low chimney draft and a low combustion level, complete combustion takes place.

Packed in a box.

Suitable for oil ovens with an output of approx.: 5 - 11 kW or 9460 kcal/h

Diameter: 160mm

Height: 100 mm (60 mm protrude into the burner pot, 40 mm lie above)

Weight: 150g


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