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Heat-resistant colorful oven paint for tiled stoves and fireplaces

Heat-resistant colorful oven paint for tiled stoves and fireplaces

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Would you like to beautify your tiled stove or fireplace? Then the heat-resistant colorful oven paint for tiled stoves and fireplaces is just the thing for this purpose.

Use the colorful, water-soluble and heat-resistant oven paint to paint the plaster surfaces of your tiled stove and fireplace.

The colorful oven paint is also ideal for touching up these surfaces.

You can also use the excellent heat-resistant fireplace paint for outdoor use in the garden and barbecue fireplace.

Compared to conventional wall paints, there are no unpleasant odors or discoloration.

This excellent fireplace paint / stove paint is harmless. Perfectly suitable for living spaces.


  • diffusion-permeable (vapour-permeable, supports the regulation of the room climate)
  • emission-free (without solvents and plasticizers)
  • low odor
  • color stable (does not get lighter over time)
  • heat resistant up to 140 degrees
  • suitable for plastered external surfaces of fireplaces and stoves
  • easy to process as it is delivered ready to paint
  • flame retardant
  • low susceptibility to contamination
  • fungicide (kills fungus) and bactericidal (kills germs)
  • Color: Colorful, colored

Contents in the bucket: 2.5 liters

✅ Color: of your choice from the corresponding color chart (see photos and documents )

Please order the color chart in advance ---> here

Please enter the color name in the comments field above .

Please note that just the application of paint on cardboard vs. plaster already induces a color difference. A photo and the screen only approximate the color.

Consumption only : approx. 0.22 liters per square meter for one coat, approx. 0.33 liters per square meter for two coats

Processing : depending on the surface, the paint should be diluted slightly; Apply with brush, roller etc

Note: The colorful color (the shade) is mixed specifically and individually for you - cancellation and return is not possible!



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