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Fireplace glass cleaner with spray head 1000 ml

Fireplace glass cleaner with spray head 1000 ml

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Remove soot and combustion residues from fireplace glass and stove panes super quickly and ingeniously with the fireplace glass cleaner with spray head.

Easy to use: spray on, let it work for a short time, wipe off without leaving any residue – done! No scouring or scrubbing necessary.

Fireplace glass cleaner intensively water-based, without phosphates or other unsightly ingredients - biodegradable.

The content is 1000 ml and is concentrated: It should be diluted - this makes the cleaner much more effective!

Also ideal for other areas of application where heavy contamination from soot, oil, smoke resin or grease can be found. Also as a replacement for solvents.

An all-round talent for your home. Even on car windows - excellent against adhering insects.

In the same way, plastic seating furniture gets fabulously clean. The fireplace glass Reiger has a strong foam and adheres well to vertical surfaces for optimal effect.

✅ Excellent cleaning results for fireplace glass panes

✅ Fireplace glass cleaner - biodegradable

✅ Extremely economical

✅ Cleans brilliantly - car windows from insects


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