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Leather wooden basket "FIORE" from Italy

Leather wooden basket "FIORE" from Italy

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Leather color

A generous wood basket made of genuine Italian leather for your firewood or even other items such as newspapers or toys.

This wooden stretcher is made from genuine leather in Veneto - perfect Italian craftsmanship . Beautiful to look at!

The striking leather seams not only serve as a visual highlight, but also reinforce the leather construction.

Two layers of leather are used, which makes the leather basket very stable and resilient. In addition, the floor is tight so that wood residues and crumbs cannot trickle through.

Your leather-wooden basket rests on 4 wheels, all of which are rubberized. You can move it around the room and place it anywhere with ease, comfort and quiet. Watch the video about this.

It is also easy to carry due to its comfortable generous handle and light weight for such a generous wooden basket - ideal for women too. For you, large woven baskets are simply impractical and difficult to handle.

Made by hand - the very, perfect quality far exceeded our expectations regarding the quality of the fireplace set. See and feel for yourself!

Ultimately, you can wait a few days for such beautiful things . Anticipation is the most beautiful joy – always.

Dimensions (W × H × D): approx. 38 × 60 × 60 cm

Choice of colors for smooth leather: brown, white, red, gray, anthracite, dark brown, black




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