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Ventilation grille for rear ventilation of combustible walls

Ventilation grille for rear ventilation of combustible walls

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These air grilles provide active ventilation from fireplaces to combustible walls, floors or ceilings.

The air grilles serve to prevent heat accumulation. According to current regulations, combustible walls must be particularly protected against heat when installing a stove system. The possible accumulated heat must be sensibly dissipated between the furnace system and the combustible/insulated wall. The most ideal way is to install such ventilation grilles in the gap between the tiled stove/fireplace and the combustible wall. This means that an exchange of air takes place in this gap, which cools the adjacent materials. This applies behind, below or above the fireplace.

Be sure! An invisible fire behind the cladding is very dangerous and you usually notice it far too late. Build according to the relevant regulations and protect the health of your family.

The ventilation grille consists of an installation frame and a removable grille element with rectangular outlets.

The air grille is available in 2 colors (black, white) and in 3 lengths (33cm, 44cm, 55cm).

The surface is heat-resistant stove-enamelled.

For further detailed information, please refer to the TROL technical rules or speak to your local chimney sweep.

Air grille dimensions:

  • Length: 33cm / 44cm / 55cm
  • Length (external dimensions): 33.5cm / 44.5cm / 55.5cm
  • Length (installation dimensions): 33cm / 44cm / 55cm
  • Width (external dimensions): 7cm / 7cm / 7cm
  • Width (installation dimension): 6.5cm / 6.5cm / 6.5cm
  • free cross section: 124 cm2 / 165cm2 / 207cm2
  • Weight: 1000g / 1250g / 1580g


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