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Oven varnish Senotherm 400ml can

Oven varnish Senotherm 400ml can

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Choosing the color tone

The heat-resistant Senotherm oven paint is ideal for repairing and painting ovens, fireplace and tiled stove inserts. Stove pipes and other thermally stressed materials and devices can also be coated with the stove spray.

The application is very simple:

The surface must be clean and dry. Chips and rust must be removed as well as other dirt. Depending on the condition of the surface, it may be better to sand the surface in order to obtain a flat surface, among other things. After vigorously stirring or shaking the paint in the can, simply apply the paint layer finely with a clean brush. It is better to reapply later than to apply too thick a layer. This tends to form noses and even cracks during the drying process. After coating, allow to dry with sufficient ventilation. The color is optimally cured when the material or device is put into operation at maximum temperature. During this first “burning in” you will notice a slight smell of paint.

This stove paint for your fireplace, stove and fireplace is currently only available in the color “black”.

Application temperature: up to approx. 500 °C

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